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Fiber on a Gluten-Free Diet

So recently there have a been a bunch of articles about gluten-free diets. Some have great  facts and good information, but unfortunately most seem to be pretty miss-informed. One of the many things that stood out and bugged me was … Continue reading

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CDF National Conference and Gluten-Free Expo

In a few weeks, we will be bringing you full coverage of the Celiac Disease Foundation National Conference and Gluten-Free Expo from Pasadena, CA. We are really looking forward to hearing some great speakers, finding great new products, and seeing … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Kale Smoothie

We have had a few requests for smoothie recipes. We have quite a few favorites, and there all also quite a few experiments. Some of the experiments turn out great not so much. This one is based on Zugo Truck‘s … Continue reading

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Benefits of A Gluten-Free Diet

One of the most common responses I get after suggesting someone go on a Gluten-Free diet is “but I don’t have a problem with wheat.” And, you know what most of them say after a few weeks of removing gluten … Continue reading

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Roasted Vegetable Tart

Today we are making a Roasted Vegetable Tart! This recipe is so easy and can also modified to include all of your favorite vegetables. This vegetable tart is great for a breakfast, brunch, or lunch! The Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free … Continue reading

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Delgado Diet Review

Well it has been a little over a month on the Delgado Diet and I think it is time to let you know how it went!   Just in case you are not sure what I’m talking about, be sure to … Continue reading

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OMG Blends New Year’s Giveaway!

Remember the OMG Blends cleanse that Bailey went on a few months ago? Well, we thought with the New Year that it would be a perfect time to giveaway a 3 day cleanse to one of our readers. If one of your … Continue reading

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The Delgado Protocol and Simply Healthy Cookbook

So I’m gonna be doing a diet, actually following a protocol.  I have started the Delgado Protocol using the Simply Healthy Cookbook.   Their moto is to be healthy not hungry which means no counting calories! Basically as long as … Continue reading

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Make Soup with your Leftovers!

If you are brave enough to do the whole Black Friday shopping adventure you are probably gonna be hungry when you get back. You may not be in the mood to eat everything you had more that enough of yesterday. … Continue reading

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Celiac and the Beast

While at the GFAF Expo in Dallas, I was really excited to meet Erica of Celiac and the Beast. I knew her book had just come out and I wanted to snag one up really quick! To be honest, I … Continue reading

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