So Delicious Breakfast

I have always been a big fan of So Delicious ice-cream and was so excited to get to try the new So Delicious yogurt!


There is not a lot of good dairy-free yogurt out there and I knew if someone was gonna get it right it would be SoDelicious.


They have 5 flavors to choose from. All of which are absolutely delicious. However if I had to pick my favorite it would be a tie between the Chocolate and the Blueberry flavors. They are pretty perfect for on the go breakfast. I would toss them in my purse and either eat it after yoga or when I got to my office.



I’ve also mastered the art of eating and driving so as long as I had a spoon handy I was all set!


You may also remember my delicious peach cobbler recipe where I used the vanilla flavored yogurt! It was great for baking and added a (so) delicious creaminess to it.

SoDelicious also has a new dairy-free creamer available. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, so I left the creamers at my office for my co-workers to enjoy and for the occasional day where I am in desperate need of a pick me up.



I am fortunate enough to work in an office full of food conscious people. Some vegetarians, vegans, and me. Well they were very appreciative of the creamer because they could not buy a coffee downstairs at Starbucks and use the So Delicious creamer instead of the nasty soy stuff Starbucks carries.



If you are a coffee drinker you gotta try the vanilla flavor! I’ve had it a few times and it makes me want to drink more coffee just so I can taste it! Its great in hot and iced coffee so its a win-win!

Stay tuned for some news all about their tasty new gluten-free and dairy-free ice-creams! For now enjoy the most important meal of the day with a cup of coffee with So Delicious creamer and a tasty Yogurt!

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I have been gluten-free for about a year and a half at this point. I am a bit of a auto-immune disease collector so far I have Diabetes, Hashimoto's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and an undetermined Celiac diagnosis. (Get tested before you go gluten-free!!) I hope this website helps others who are starting their gluten-free adventure in life and they can have some support and save some headaches by finding the answers to their questions here. It is an ongoing adventure learning how to make things gluten free, finding gluten free food that doesn’t taste like paper and being comfortable and happy living this lifestyle. I decided to grab on and go with it and I figured the best thing was to just have fun with it and figure it out along the way. And that brings me to this website! Everything is more fun with your friends, and friends always share the good stuff! So here it is! All the good stuff! The secret recipes, the hidden restaurants and the treasured products that make it easy living a gluten free lifestyle. I don’t just want your tummy to be happy and healthy, you should be happy and healthy too! Thanks for visiting GFBF XOXO ~Bailey
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