You might remember me giving you all the details on Freshology a few weeks ago. If you don’t remember, Freshology is a meal delivery program that offers gluten-free meals. For all the nitty gritty, you can read more about it here.

I was lucky enough to get to try a few days, so I was sure to document the whole thing!



If you are local to southern California, they deliver daily before 6am. All you have to do is roll out of bed and bam your entire days worth of food is waiting for  you in a cute little cooler.



Each meal is freshly made and individually packaged. (BTW I totally saved a bunch of the containers to use for lunches and storage!)



They give you the menu for the day, but if you have anything different due to diet restrictions, the specific ingredients and meal descriptions are marked on the actual container.

IMG_6147It is super easy to figure out since they have a snowflake -vs- fire code for heating. You can heat things up in the microwave, stove top or oven. Its pretty impossible to mess up.

Here is what I got to enjoy!


Breakfast Day 1:Asparagus and Gruyere Scramble with a citrus salad. Typically this comes with sausage, but they subbed in extra eggs instead. The biggest thing that stood out for me with this one was how fresh and juicy the fruit was. Usually if you have packaged  fruit it gets kinda soggy and just doesn’t seem fresh. Nope, this was incredible, as if I had peeled it myself! The eggs were awesome as well! Full of flavor and really filling.



Lunch Day 1: Lunch was a delicious ahi tuna salad. I haven’t had much fish in a while so this was a happy surprise. It was perfect! I don’t know how they manage to make things so fresh and delicious and still manage to make it look so pretty! This salad was really really great, but it wasn’t as filling as I would have hoped. But thats totally fine because I just ate my snack with my lunch!



Snack Day 1: My snack was a pesto and pine nut risotto. So yummy! I loved having a real snack of substance instead of some flavored nuts or chips. This was super tasty and hit the spot.



Dinner Day 1: I LOVE portobello mushrooms!  This was  super yummy! The sauce was great on the eggplant, beans and mushroom. For a meal completely made out of veggies I was super full! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make room for some dessert!



Dessert Day 1: Oh. My. God! This cheesecake was incredible. I have not been eating dairy, but made an exception when I decided to try out Freshology. Wow, this was so good. I think I spent like 30 minutes taking tiny little bites and savoring every little bit.



So thats was day 1! Great success. I was really excited for the next day. Its like a little Christmas surprise not knowing what you are going to eat. But even better because you don’t have to prep anything or do any grocery shopping!

Breakfast Day2: Ok. This was just unreal. Super fresh berries, pancakes and a vanilla ricotta cheese. I don’t really know where to begin! Writing about it right now makes me crave more ASAP!  Even the pancakes were incredible for just popping them in the microwave for a couple minutes.



Snack Day 2: Caprese Salad!!! This used to be my all time favorite type of salad before I limited dairy so it was a nice trip down memory lane. But what was even better than having some fresh mozzarella was the balsamic reduction! Oh I think I dipped every individual tomato and piece of cheese into it! Mmmm really fresh and really tasty.



Can we also just take a second to look at how cute everything is! Its all packaged so beautifully! Its like brown bagging it the classy way.



Lunch Day 2: This was really delicious! The rice and everything were perfectly cooked! It was a particularly hot day in SoCal and this was really refreshing and light. I loved it! It also came with some curried pineapple. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to put it on top but while I was heating this up I made the mistake of tasting it and just at the whole thing on its own. Probably would have been a great combination, but both were great on their own!



Dinner Day 2: What a way to end my Freshology tease! This fish was cooked perfectly, the lemon sauce was melt in your mouth delicious and it was the perfect finishing touch to the rice, mushrooms, spinach and fish. This was actually so much food that I saved a little bit for lunch the next day. I did have to save room for dessert again after all!


Dessert Day 2: A tasty lemon cupcake! mmmmm this was another one that I took tiny bites of to savor. I actually ate half of it for breakfast with my tea the next day! Perfect ending to my introduction to Freshology.


So overall I have to say this was one of the best meal delivery programs I have tried. I would absolutely do it again and I highly recommend this to anyone who has a super busy schedule and needs some help getting healthy and fresh food without the hassle.

For convenience of it would have to give it a 10 out of 10. It was so easy, everything was labeled and explained and there was no defrosting of a frozen meal or prep required. Plus you get super handy packaging that can be recycled and used again to bring snacks to dinner parties or book clubs.

For taste I would give it another 10 out of 10. You can really taste how fresh everything is. Nothing tasted the same, it was all unique and there were so many different types of food available that you will never get board!

For the quantity of food 10 out of 10 again! People often feel that meal delivery programs are often way too much food and then things go to waste, or not enough and you are starving. Well, this was a perfect combination. Each day was a bit different, but both left me perfectly satisfied.

My only somewhat negative would be a personal one that would not affect everyone. For me that is that it was way more dairy that I have had in my diet for a long time, so the two days of bumping up the dairy intake did weigh me down a bit. It didn’t make me sick, but I could recognize the difference in my body. Again, thats just me. I’d still try it again, but maybe next time ask for less dairy.

Now for the exciting news! If you are local to California or Nationwide, you can give Freshology a try! I have a special $25 promo for you right now!


Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Happy eating. Be sure to follow, like, and a subscribe on Twitter, InstagramPinterest and on Facebook!

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